Immigration law is a complex and a sensitive subject with a constantly evolving legislature, and USCIS internal rules, procedures, forms.  It may seem simple to fill out a form or two, but in reality, immigration forms can be a complex maze of forms that must accompany and supplement each other.  If certain forms are not filed together, or not filled out correctly, or are sent to the wrong USCIS office, the case may be rejected, filing fees may be forfeited, and in certain situations, can affect the filing of a new case or substantially delay future processing of the case.


Gromov Law Offices handles family-based immigration, such as petitions for a spouse, fiancee, children, parents, and siblings.  The office handles visa petitions, applications for lawful permanent residence (green card), citizenship applications, travel documents, and applications to remove conditions on residence.


Generally, a US citizen can file a visa petition to reunite with a spouse, married and unmarried minor and adult children, parents, and siblings.  In cases of spouses and children under the age of 21, it is even possible, in most cases, to obtain lawful immigrant status if they are present in the U.S. illegally.


 A U.S. citizen can also petition for a fiancée, provided they have met in person during the past two years (subject to rare exceptions).


A lawful permanent resident (green card holder) can petition for a spouse, and unmarried children, if such persons are either abroad or are lawfully present in the U.S.


Obtaining citizenship is usually a simple procedure.  However, in cases of prior arrests, even if the charges were dismissed or expunged, the process of naturalization can become a never-ending maze of interviews, document requests and correspondence with the USCIS.  Igor Gromov handles a wide variety of criminal cases and is at an advantage when it comes for filing for an immigration benefit for a person with prior criminal arrests.


If you are in the U.S. without lawful immigration status, having overstayed your visa, not all is lost.  Under certain circumstances, it is possible to obtain lawful permanent residence and even U.S. citizenship through family-based immigration.


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